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Mickey Thompson™ High Performance Wheels People have great passion for cars and more and more people want to customize their vehicles, one of the ways to make your car stand out is to use alloy wheels. If you are purchasing a new vehicle, then you can request the company for alloy wheels at extra cost. If you want to do the modification yourself, then purchasing Mickey Thompson™ Wheels will be the best thing you can fit in your car. These are the high performance tires which you can use in your vehicles. These tires are made of metal alloy or aluminium which makes the wheel lighter and also assist in better performances on the road. The company offers you with different size; color on rod and off road tires. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing Mickey Thompson™ Wheels. Advantages of the alloy wheels Alloy wheels are lighter as compared to the normal wheels which makes steering much easier to handle. • It provides your vehicles with the aesthetic appeal • Aluminum wheels are less likely to get corrodes as compared to the steel tires. • Alloy wheels are capable of conducting the heat better as compared to the other metals used in making tires and are less likely to fall in the winters. • With the alloy wheels, you will get better steering and breaking as well. • When you put these wheels to your vehicles, the resale value of your vehicle is increased. • These wheels also have more traction between the road and the wheel. Vehicles in which Mickey Thompson™ Wheels are used These high performance tires are used in the racing cars, motorcycles, off road vehicles, jeeps, 4x4 utility vehicles. There is a huge range of tires which are manufactured by the company. People interested in getting these wheels will find unique sizes which are going to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. These vehicles are specially meant for the racing vehicles. Here are some of the features of the Mickey Thompson™ Wheels. Features • Radial construction for smooth ride and high mileage • Unique tread design that offers improved wet traction • fronts can so be used with YET street radial • The H-speed is rated up to 130 m.p.h The company has recently launched new HR-2 wheel which is the rotary forged one piece, aluminum wheels that is available in two sizes and styles. The features • Forged metal aluminum, fully CNC machined • Up to 20x16 • M/T logo is embossed on the face of all wheel • Highly polished surface. • There are a number of unique elements Other features of these new tires include the beveled tread edge that enhances the lug integrity and self cleaning. Larger center tread elements that delivers better grip, stone ejectors dirt and mud. There are a variety of reasons why people can choose Mickey Thompson™ Wheels for their vehicles. You can fit these tires in your normal cars and have experience of the faster cars. These are the high performance wheels which you can get for your vehicles.

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