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No.18 BlackChrome 2 Crave Wheels - No.18 BlackChrome

No.18 BlackChrome
No.18 BlackChrome

2 Crave Wheels - No.18 BlackChrome is the new addition to our wheel lineup. Make sure to take a look at all of our truck and wheel lineups. 2 Crave Rims are available in various applications and finishes, and styles, call us if you have any questions.



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Part # Size Width BP1 BP2 Off CB Finish Availability Per Wheel Add to cart
N18-2085Q5JBC 20 9 5x115 5x120 5 74.1 BlackChrome Manufacturer Direct CA$270.00
N18-2085XX5SBC 20 9 6x139.7 5 108 BlackChrome Manufacturer Direct CA$270.00

See Manufacturer's website or contact manufacturer for warranty information.

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