Inspecting Your Order

When your order arrives, inspect each wheel to make sure there was no damage during shipping. Do not sign for your order until you check each wheel in front of the courier driver. Damage may not be easily noticeable even if the boxes have been severely damaged - more than likely the wheel will have taken some damage. Make sure you take out each wheel and inspect them fully, especially the lip and face of the wheel. If there is damage, please note on the waybill with the driver any damage and get the driver to sign it as well. Call us at 604-596-3122 immediately or email us at for further instructions on the claim process. All claims must be made within 24-48 hours of receipt - Claims outside of this period are not valid for any reason and may prevent the return or repair of the damaged product.

Note: Please check for damage on any wheels before you mount your wheels. As soon as the wheels are mounted you will not be able to return the wheels. We are also not responsible for damage by the shop mounting your wheels, or installing your mounted wheel and tire package without checking for clearance with brakes, suspension or body panels. Make sure you choose a good installer that has experience with custom wheels and they know to check the fitment before moving your vehicle.

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