Fitment Guarantee

Our sales staff will guarantee all wheel and tire package fitments 100%, as long as the tire and offset purchased is what we recommend as well as in accordance to plus sizing from your stock tire size.

The exception:

The exception to the rule is lifted vehicles, lowered vehicles, aftermarket brakes and/or rotors, and upsizing tires.

Lifted vehicles – you will have to provide us a guideline as to what offset and wheel width your lift kit requires, as specifications will change with different manufacturers.
Example: 4.5 Inch back space with a 6 inch lift for an F350. (Most lift kits will come with an application guide for max wheel and tire fitments.)

With certain tires or applications you will be required to modify fender liners, remove front mud flaps, etc. Upsizing your tires, like going from 275/60r20 on a Stock Dodge Ram 1500, to a 305/55r20 mud tire - you might need to modify fender liners, remove front mud flaps etc.

We will do our best with our experience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction when it comes to upsizing and lifted applications.

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